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What does Independence mean to you?

by Lisa Lemanski on Jul 12, 2017

What does Independence mean to you?

Over this long holiday weekend I took some time to reflect on what independence really means to me and my family.  Various news channels interviewed Americans celebrating the holiday and as I listened to the various comments it got me thinking.  I too agree that when thinking of independence initially red, white, blue, founding fathers, armed forces, veterans, Statue of Liberty,  bald eagles, fireworks, time with family and friends comes to mind.  When I started digging deeper I thought about our business.  My husband, Will is a fourth generation insurance agent and our business celebrated 41 years this past March.

 If the Meier’s family didn’t have a fire in their belly to be independent and start a business based upon the principals our country was founded on we wouldn’t be who we are today.  It takes courage, faith, trust and a lot of sheer gumption and hard work to stand up for what you believe in.  There are a lot of naysayers in this world who think they can do it better and maybe they can but if their heart isn’t in the right place or they don’t put in the hard work it won’t work.  If the founding fathers didn’t want independence and freedom bad enough and wouldn’t have worked the long hours and didn’t have the vision we wouldn’t live in this great country.  So when you have a second take a minute to really reflect on what Independence really means to you!  Think about how much this has shaped your life and how you view the world! 

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