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Don’t Veer for Deer or Other Animals!

by Lisa Lemanski on Mar 31, 2016

Don’t Veer for Deer or Other Animals!

Happy spring! You know it is spring in the mitten when one day it’s 60 degrees and the next there’s a chance of snow?!  We’ve received a few calls from our clients regarding car/deer or animal claims.  This is a reminder that you shouldn’t swerve to avoid the animal in the road.  When you swerve you could end up doing more damage then you intended.  If you swerve you may go off the road and hurt yourself or someone else.  If you swerve you could hurt yourself and others too! 

The next time you are out and about remember don’t veer for deer or other animals!  We know it is hard to remember and it’s instinctual to try to avoid hitting something.  If you do hit an animal please make sure to call the police, our office and take photos of the accident with your phone.


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